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The kitchen is the heart of your home. That’s why kitchen remodeling Madison WI can be such an exciting and rewarding opportunity to make it yours! You may decide to paint the walls, replace flooring or countertops, change out appliances…the list goes on. The possibilities are endless: you just have to know what will work best for YOU in YOUR space with YOUR needs so that this project becomes one more reason WHY you love living here!

We started our business with a humble goal of providing the best possible solutions for customers. That’s why when we first opened, we were careful to hire only experienced and qualified contractors that would be able to give you all your needs in one place!

Kitchen Design Madison

About Us

Kitchen Remodeling Madison WI is a kitchen remodeler that offers services in both residential and commercial spaces. We offer design, installation, and repairs to kitchens of all types. Our company also installs cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, flooring and more! We believe that the kitchen should be an extension of who you are as a person so our team always try to think outside the box with our designs.

Our Services

The kitchen is the heart of every home; it’s where we cook, eat and spend time together with family and friends. But this beloved space can become cluttered or outdated rather quickly if you don’t maintain your cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring on a regular basis. It’s important to have an experienced company in-hand when undertaking major projects like these for complete peace of mind!     

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling projects include replacing or refinishing cabinets and countertops, new lighting, and appliances to get a new look for your home. Building an island can help with traffic flow while counter seating provides additional workspace. The layout of the room may also be adjusted to accommodate these changes; consider adding more cabinet storage or the placement before committing to a major project like this one!

Kitchen Design

Our designers will work closely with you so that your new space is tailored to fit your budget, needs, and personal style while staying within your timeline.  You can’t go wrong when renovating or designing an entirely new kitchen; we have many options available from which to choose including counter seating if needed. Kitchen design Madison WI factors in the size, layout, appliances, and surfaces to create a space that is your dream space. We will work to create a space that is easy to use and navigate when cooking. Our designers will ask about your cooking preferences and priorities to determine how to allocate the space and how best to lay it out. Our designers will make the room inviting for you and for guests visiting your home. We want to create a design that will make you want to be in the kitchen for decades to come. We would love to create an environment where cooking becomes about creating memories rather than chores!


Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling Madison WI:

  • Your kitchen will be better than ever.
  • You’ll save money in the long run.
  • You’ll feel like a master chef in your new space.
  • Your friends and family will think you’re cool for getting a new kitchen.

Benefits of Renovating with us:

Local Trusted Company

Local small business in Madison, WI. We are your neighbors and friends.

5 Star Rating

We deliver quality results that merit 5 star reviews.

Strong Warranty

We are a trusted company that provides long-lasting results that we stand behind. Call us anytime!

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and fair. We provide value to our customers.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the largest investments in your kitchen. Sturdy, well-built cabinets can last 50+ years. Our team can help review your cabinet needs. We will walk through spacing, storage needs, and style to assist you in picking the right layout. We can then recommend quality cabinetry. If you don’t have the budget for cabinets, our team can assess your current cabinets to determine if they can continue to be used. If your cabinets are still sturdy and meet your storage needs, refinishing them may be desirable. Our team will assist you in making the best kitchen cabinet decisions for your renovation project.

Kitchen Countertops​

When you redo your kitchen, a big decision is whether to keep or replace your countertops. Kitchen countertops are a large surface in your kitchen and a very noticeable one. If you want your kitchen looking its best, you should invest some time and money into picking a surface that is both attractive and durable. Your countertops should complement the new design you have chosen for your kitchen so it is cohesive. Our team can assist you in navigating colors, patterns, and materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling?

People who are renovating their kitchens often debate about whether to have the cabinets go just below, or all the way up to, the ceiling. It’s a personal preference that may be influenced by aesthetics and storage needs. One of the advantages of having taller cabinets is that they create more space for people in their kitchens!

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The most expensive part of a kitchen remodel Madison WI are the cabinets, but they make for great long-term investments. Wood prices have increased and so cabinet costs can be quite high to purchase new ones; however, it’s worth investing in quality cabinetry that will last years or even decades if taken care of properly – which is why many homeowners opt not to replace their existing cabinets when doing renovations on other parts of their kitchens! Instead, one might look at refinishing them with paint or replacing only the front paneling instead.

Is it worth it to remodel a kitchen?

It’s time to move into your new kitchen. As you walk in and admire the sleek, modern design that matches perfectly with your home decor; can you put a price on this feeling? What is it worth to have everything just how you want it for years of cooking bliss? With an updated kitchen design comes more space which could make selling or buying another property easier down the line – so what are we waiting for!

What order should I remodel my kitchen?

After the end of a long day, you deserve to come home and relax. First thing’s first: removal of fixtures that aren’t staying (faucets, toilets) then make sure your plumbing works properly. Next, let’s fix up those walls before we paint them with our favorite colors so it all matches nicely now for some cabinet time- don’t forget about the appliances! Last but not least, put down some beautiful flooring to finish off this gorgeous kitchen space!

Do you put flooring under cabinets?

You do not want to place wood floors under cabinets. Cabinetry is heavy and it prevents the flooring from being about to flex as the weather changes.

What is the best kitchen layout?

The three most popular kitchen layouts are L, U, and I shapes. The L shape is one of the more common designs because it utilizes all areas of the room for storage while still providing an open floor plan for cooking and eating space. A U shape design has two opposing walls parallel to each other with a peninsula in between them where people can eat at a bar or sit on stools around the island benchtop surface to work on food preparation tasks like chopping vegetables or stirring sauces. An I shape design fits the length of one wall to keep everything compact. Which is best depends on your available space and preferences.

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